I just want to let you know that it was extremely important for us that we used a breeder that wasn't a puppy-mill.  Deal-breaker important for us.  I've only ever had rescue animals so it was a big deal for us to even decide to get a pure-bred dog in the first place.  But the more I researched Braque's I knew it was the perfect breed for our family life (rookie dog parents, have a small child, and other pets in the home). When we determined what breed we wanted and I found you and spoke to you on the phone that first time I knew that you were an honorable breeder with highest standards for your dogs and their well-being.  All of your update emails over the last two years we were on the waiting list always confirmed how well cared for your animals were and above all, so very well loved by you and Larry.  Thank you so very much.  There is plenty of unnecessary animal suffering in the world and you guys are making a difference.  

We are so excited to meet Dorrit!  I loved the pics you sent last week of her.  She is adorable! 
Uriel Jordan (Jo)

Hi Mary,

I just got home from a Dove hunting trip and wanted to thank you again for such a wonderful dog.  She has not seen a dove since last year and after the first day she retrieved all 27 birds that were shot.  Some of the brush was very heavy and I was not so sure she would find them, but she is a Cactus Country Bourbonnais.  Hope all is well and tell Larry I said hi.




Etienne Lucy
Arizona (Zona)
Zona is super smart. I trained her to ring a bell at the door when she needs to go out and she totally gets it. Doing very well! We all agree that she is even more amazing than we could have imagined. She helped take the kids to school this morning....and then I found her in the booster seat!


Zalena's Whiskey Girl

The trick I’ve found to have puppies that do well and are very trainable is to do “due diligence” regarding the kennel they are from. Not only check out the dogs and facilities, but also the kennel owners. In fact the kennel owners and their dedication to the breed are maybe the number one criteria for obtaining a great puppy. I certainly spent quality time with the kennel owner prior to getting on the list. Because I spent that extra effort to visit the kennel and talk with the owner and understand their philosophy, I got an amazing puppy.

Thank you Mary and Larry for being so dedicated to turning out such great dogs.



Ready Yeti

Ready Yeti loves this new baby!!! It is amazing. Yeti is the best baby monitor ever. He knows when she starts waking up even when he isn’t in the room. It is remarkable. Molly and I are totally amazed at his connection to her. And we are convinced these dogs are way more evolved than others.


Ready Yeti


Hi Mary,

  Here's a few recent pics of Wyatt.  He's really doing good and has been learning to hunt.
 I love this guy...he's so smart.  I can't wait until December when I'll turn him loose for this first hunting season. Why not use technology to help train him?!  He's watching a video of himself chasing a quail wing on a fishing pole in the back yard.  He'll hear his command on the TV and's really funny!


20161012 195247

Yaw Rudder & Yolk Stick


The girls are doing WONDERFULLY!  We couldn’t be more happy to have them in our family.

We learn more about their personalities daily. Stick is still a PIG, but she is the biggest fan of chewing on sticks so it was appropriate how we named them.

We continue to work each morning and evening on sit, down, stay and come. Sit and Come are very successful, even for the boys, but stay and down are requiring a bit more time and they appear to be less successful for everyone else but me.   

Both girls have had no problems with the chickens. From day one they walked right by the chicken coop, only paying them the same attention they would to a flag waving in the breeze!  No barking, no chasing, no pacing, nothing.  They watch me as the kids go in and out and never try to get in or bother the chickens in any way. They must image they are pets too, just like you said they would. 

The girls go about 80% of the time in the potty box we have in their room for when they are home alone. We upgraded the size of the box which helps with less clean-ups because they are much bigger now and it was hard for them to aim in the first one we had which was smaller.  They have no problems knowing where to go in the yard (they keep it off the porch and sidewalks).  I’m currently working with them to stay out of my garden beds (the potato bed is most tempting to them because it offers treasures to dig for), but all-in-all they are starting to get the dividing line of stacker blocks around the raised beds. They also like to sneak bell peppers out of my garden basket while I’m picking the next one! Sneaky lil girls they are – must be that “Bourbonnais Stealth Mode” Keith was telling me about.

  They travel well in their crate and we had a blast up at the cabin with them. I will send you some pics from my phone. All vet checks have gone well to date.

  The boys are helping feed them, but as I suspected, I have been doing poopie duty and leading the training effort. I am revisiting the book I read this spring in preparation for their arrival.  Maybe your trainer is familiar with it, “The Power of Positive Dog Training” by Pat Miller?  It’s more than just about clicker training, but I’m specifically going back to those chapters to remind myself of how to take their training to the next levels.

  I must share one “awe, how cute” moment with you.  I was reading Tuesday evening on the back porch, enjoying the cool air from the steady rain from the rain earlier that evening. The girls were in the backyard with me, coming to visit on occasion but for the most part exploring the yard on their own. Out of the blue Rudder came up, nosed my book up and plopped herself right on my lap. Because I was sitting cross legged she found the curved sides quite comfortable I guess. She laid with me for about 10 minutes before Stick came along and found Rudder’s plan equally agreeable and plopped herself right on top of Rudder (Stick’s hind legs were over Rudder’s neck). The sight was so entertaining and I wished I could gotten to my phone on my hip to capture a selfie but I left it on the table and getting it would have required they get up and I wouldn’t have it! Eventually Rudder squirmed to get Stick off so she could return to her prior comfort (solo), but it was still so cute to see them doing this.  

Thank you so much for bringing the sweet hearts into our lives!  We are forever grateful!

Jessica Brock

IMG 5329

Etienne (Lucy)
This email made me chuckle!  I have received other emails from this Bourbonnais owner and they have all made me smile.  This one made me laugh!!! Sorry Doug but so glad she is birdy! Love it!!!
 I continue to be surprised by Lucy's bird drive. We have a screened porch over our patio. Lucy is not destructive but we caught her on the porch and she had torn up a hole in the indoor/outdoor carpet, and was working on the 3/4 plywood underneath. Why? She does not tear up things (save a new dog bed). Well it turns out directly under the spot she was digging, perched on a beam under the guessed it....a nest of baby birds. She has a switch that when triggered to "bird" she is a different dog. Normally a pet, a clown, watch dog, a baby.....but "bird".....well....

"Hunt em up".Doug

Etienne Lucy


He was soooo good!! He didn't like his kennel and kept crying, so he slept with us. I just wanted to keep things as normal and familiar as possible. He fell asleep around 10 and woke Ron up at 4:15, so I took him outside to take care of business. We went back to bed, but he was more interested in playing than sleeping. He hasn't had any accidents, but I haven't taken my eyes off him. He went right to the back door and hit it with his paw. Thank you so much for all the goodies you sent home with him. I put his blanket in his kennel and he has pulled it out countless times, so it's on the floor with him. I took him for a short ride this morning. Cody held him and he enjoyed it. Was looking all around. How long does he need to eat soft food? Is it until he gets his permanent teeth? What kind of toothpaste have you used? He smells so darn good!! What kind of shampoo do you use? Chloe still isn't interested in interacting with him. She hasn't run from him today, so I'm sure she'll come around. Oh, one more often should I bathe him? Because Chloe has alopecia and extremely dry skin, I only bathe her every 4-6 weeks and give her a coconut oil treatment. I am so happy with my little man. Thank you for doing all you do to bring such joy to others.

IMG 1390